Concept&Dance: Gat Goodovitch

Dramaturgy: Daphna Horencyzk 

Music: we are having a baby my baby and me/ I love Lucy show.  Glas Green/ Gray Solomon

About the Piece- What about Children (Working title)

This solo performance is about a dancer, a naked body and a woman in advanced pregnancy. It is dedicated to modern women, who are struggling to combine a thriving career while keeping their vocational identity throughout the pregnancy and during motherhood. The project presents stories of women from different professions and their personal and socio-economic dilemmas such as: When is the best time for having a baby? When should I return to work? Will I have work waiting for me after my maternity leave? Should I put my child in a daycare? Am I a good mother? The project is presenting a real-life situation and the leading character as a role model, which can inspire others, leading them to look for innovative ways to overcome such challenges. In a sense, the project promotes the approach how to gain a good work-life integration, by integrating, both the career and motherhood in a way that they can co-exist, but more importantly in a way, that happiness is achieved.


 The Solo is a presentation of a work in prograss after a residency in Darck city- Grumferdorf am See. It will take place at the Raw Matters on the 15.10.2018 in Schakinader Vienna. 

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„Die Kämpfe moderner schwangerer Frauen“ sind das, womit sich Goodovitch ihren eigenen Worten nach nun, da selbst schwanger, auskennt. Mit dem Song „We are having a baby my baby and me“ bringt sie aber doch noch Vorfreude in den Saal. Eine wertvolle Arbeit.