Concept: Anna Possarnig
Dance: Anna Possarnig
Music: Georg Tkalec
video: Niki Meixner & Sarah Glück

About the Piece

Based on Meina Schellander’s “Project of a series of 33 antagonistic figurative phases” 1976/77, Anna Possarnig’s solo “Protagonist” deals with the everyday and recurring feeling of “being thrown into the world”. The individual occupies places in space and form, but does not really seem to arrive without a point of reference. Any attempt to attach oneself to oneself must therefore fail. Again and again the point of view is changed, the action is dissected and put together again and yet an emptiness remains that can only be filled by the other person.
Questions are raised about the meaning of rituals, about order systems and their potential to structure life and about the pleasure that can lie hidden in entropy.
The stage version focuses on the effect of body and movement in space and gets by with simple props (cushions).

The piece was commissioned by the city of Klagenfurt and premiered in the Stadtgalerie as part of Dance2Art.